Did You Notice These Secret Messages In The Big Bang Theory Season Finale?


The main focus on The Big Bang Theory season finale was Sheldon and Amy’s wedding. However, this huge episode had a lot to say aside from just happily ever after. Here are things you may have missed at first watch.

Major Foreshadowing

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First of all, The Big Bang Theory season finale had some major foreshadowing moments. For one thing, we’re almost 99.5 percent positive Sheldon and Amy are having kids. In the scene with Amy and Sheldon in their apartment, Sheldon even refers to their future children. When Amy points out that asymmetry was an important part of renaissance culture, Sheldon replies, “The renaissance? Amy you know I”m more of an enlightenment person, at some point we have to decide how we want to raise the children.”

As if that wasn’t enough, later Sheldon describes a time loop that includes he and Amy’s children. He said, “There is nothing in the world that could stop me from marrying you tomorrow… Even me from the future coming back to prevent the wedding and the subsequent birth of a child who will destroy humanity.” Despite this grim idea, we still love that it includes Shamy children. Clearly, Sheldon is okay with the idea of reproducing. Also, why would the producers bring up such a thing unless they really wanted to get the audience excited?

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