How This Woman Accidentally Changed Jim Parsons’ Entire Perspective


Jim Parsons recently opened up about theater studies. The Big Bang Theory star has been incredibly successful in his acting career. He credits one particular teacher with changing his entire perspective.

Jim Parsons On Theater Studies

Many people see theater studies as a waste of time and money. However, Jim Parsons is a theater kid who grew up and now makes over 27.5 million dollars a year. Talk about a lucrative career…

Jim recently opened up about what theater classes meant to him and what they offer young people today. He said, “Whether or not you want a career in the theater I hope that you will continue working in the theater and in high school. Whether it’s going to be your ultimate career or not it’s such a great place to learn about people, to learn about life, to learn about literature.”  He added, “I felt really lucky that I got to do theater in high school, whether or not I would have done it later in life or not… it’s a great thing.”

One Teacher’s Influence

After high school, Parsons went on to study acting at the University of Houston. He credits a professor there with changing his perspective on the art. His teacher, Carolyn Boone, used to say, “What are you bringing to the party?” Carolyn was Parsons’ very first teacher in undergrad and he said, “It’s applicable anywhere in life, but as an actor what I always took from it was ‘what is your take on this? What do you say when you’re saying these words?'”

Jim maintains that if you don’t know what you’re bringing to the table, you need to reevaluate and regroup. He also said The Big Bang Theory completely changed his life. He said, “It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

We’re so glad that one professor was able to help Jim Parsons become the actor we know and love today. Did you have a teacher that touched your life in a major way?