[MUST WATCH] Here’s The Fall On The Ground Laughing Big Bang Blooper Compilation You’ve Never Seen

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-09-11

Bloopers On The Big Bang Theory

There are lots of great gags and jokes on set of The Big Bang Theory, but not all of them even make it to the final cut. These bloopers and screw-ups on set show just how much fun the cast has making the CBS sitcom.

Watch some of your favorite characters as they try to get the words out from some of your favorite episodes. The jokes start with Leonard-actor Johnny Galecki as he tries to get the lines out over a few dozen episodes.

The actors have some truly hilarious reactions in these scenes.

Jim Parsons Looses It On Set

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Some of the best lines come from Sheldon-actor Jim Parsons who usually has the longest lines to memorize. As Sheldon Cooper, he’s often forced to do some sort of rant or even make up a face for the scene.

The writers behind the show have said when they can’t come up with a good line, they simply describe Sheldon’s emotional state and then they’re amazed to see how Jim Parsons fills the scene.

This is true for many of the other actors as well.

Iconic Bloopers From The Series

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Seeing these behind-the-scenes moments from the show not only provides an outlet for fans to re-watch some of their favorite scenes, but they also get to see their favorite actors as more human as they too make mistakes.

One of our favorite scenes in this short montage is between Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik as Sheldon tries to spank Amy when she lies to him. Plotwise, this happened when Amy got sick and then started to fake her sickness to keep him over at her house to take care of her longer.

These bloopers go all the way up through Howard and Bernadette’s marriage and the pregnancy.

Which blooper is your absolutely favorite?

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