Watch THIS Johnny Galecki Horror Film This Halloween


Back in February, The Big Bang Theory actor Johnny Galecki played a role in the 2017 film Rings. The third film in the series, the movie revolved around the story of the floating videotape. “First you watch it, then you die,” read the tagline.

Rings | Photo Credit IMDB

The third film is different than the others, based on the tech advances since the original. The movie opens with an airplane headed to Seattle. Carter reveals that he watched the videotape, but his seven days are coming to an end.

Regardless of his location, the mysterious spirit still comes for him on the plane.

Johnny Galecki In Rings

In the next scene, Leonard-actor Johnny Galecki is walking around a market when he finds an old VCR. When his character’s girlfriend leaves for the night, he decides to mess with it and eventually gets the tape to play.

Soon, he’s watching the mysterious video play out. On the screen, the same video from the original film rolls out. Johnny Galecki, performing as a professor named Gabriel, watches the familiar footage.

In a black-and-white video, the well shows up. Soon, he gets the phone call…

Johnny Galecki On TBBT Halloween

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

If Rings sounds too scary for you, it’s always a good idea to find a Halloween episode of The Big Bang Theory. When he’s not being chased by the infamous “Samara,” Johnny Galecki is simply dressing up like his favorite comic heroes.

In one of the first episodes, Leonard arrives as a Hobbit. His friends are also dressed in the favorite costumes including the Doppler Effect. Later in the series, they start to wear matching outfits.

The group wins a costume contest at Stuart’s shop while dressed as Justice League. Most people do not know Warner Brothers owns DC, which is why you’re more likely to see DC references than Marvel references in the series,

This includes Stuart’s comic shop and even Leonard’s house. You’ll notice the Superman poster and the Batman cookie jar in the kitchen. Both are DC comics, while there are no Spider-Man or Avengers on display.

What is your favorite Big Bang Theory Halloween episode?