FINALLY… Jim Parsons Reveals Real Reason He Waited 15 Years To Get Married


Jim Parsons Talks With Stephen Colbert

Actor Jim Parsons talks to Stephen Colbert:

Actor Jim Parsons and Todd Spiewak waited 15 years to get married. On a recent episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the actor explained why the couple waited so long to tie the knot.

“We just didn’t care about the act of it that much, to be honest with you,” said Parsons. “That sounds cold in a way but I finally thought: ‘Well, let’s have a party then for the celebration and we’ll go ahead and legalize this thing.”

In reality, however, the wedding was much more special than he realized.

“More Meaningful Than Predicted…”

Jim Parsons | Photo Credit Instagram

“It was so much more meaningful in the moment for me than I predicted. It’s been resonantly much more meaningful than for me afterward than I ever saw coming,” he said in the interview.

“You know, I had been an adult gay person for so long at a time where that wasn’t possible where life was ‘fine’ for me.” The couple got married last May at the Rainbow Room in New York City.

Jim Parsons said the event was much more special and “much more fun” than he thought it would be.

Colbert Tells Parsons About “Love”

Stephen Colbert | Photo Credit CBS

Surprisingly, it was also the latest Jim Parsons had stayed up partying in years. The actor says he still has a cold from the big night and it’s been over six months! That must have been some party to celebrate the happy couple.

Todd Spiewak is a graphic designer, but the couple is also going to be working on a new series together. The medical drama, The Family Gene, is going to be produced by both Spiewak and Jim Parsons.

The actor went on to describe their current relationship, which he had never felt before. He said he felt a “close feeling of God – or whatever that is for you” when the couple is together.

The duo met at a time when Parsons’ father had just passed away. Jim Parsons couldn’t describe the feeling, but Stephen Colbert said that it was “Love.”

Do you think it was worth it for the couple to wait?