WATCH: 5 Awesome Star Wars References On The Big Bang Theory

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-07-17

Sheldon Tries Darth Vader’s “Force Choke”

The Big Bang Theory is a true nerd paradise for all things that might be discussed in your average comic book shop. As audiences know, while each Big Bang Theory character has their own preferences, all of them are fond of Star Wars. One of our favorite Star Wars references is when Sheldon Cooper tries Darth’s “Force Choke…”

Sheldon Plays The “Imperial March” Song

To show his recent frustrations and express unhappiness, Sheldon can think of no other thing worse than playing the “Imperial March” song from Star Wars. This happens when he’s forced to work with his frenemy, Kripke.

Boba Fett Helmet Vs. Angry Bird

In another iconic episode, when Sheldon is forced to battle a loud bird outside his window, Star Wars pops up again. In “The Ornithophobia Diffusion,” Leonard rents Star Wars on Blu-ray and Sheldon wants to watch the film but is distracted by a pesky bird outside. When the bird gets in, Sheldon arms himself with a Boba Fett helmet and tries his best to shoo the bird away.

The Gang Visits Skywalker Ranch

In an episode called “The Skywalker Incursion,” Sheldon, Leonard and company try to visit George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch. The two are headed to give a lecture at UC Berkeley when the decide to visit the iconic location. The security guard, of course, doesn’t let them up which later gets them throw into a detention area.

Howard And Raj Play With Lightsabers

Clearly, Raj goesn’t get the joke here, but another amazing Star Wars references occurs when Raj is looking for a gift for Howard. In this scene, during “The Proton Displacement,” Raj makes two small belt buckles for himself and Howard and then invites his friend to a “sword fight” with the two belt buckle lightsabers.

What did you think about Raj’s gift for Howard?

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