Would You Want to see the Big Bang Theory Continue Without the Main Cast?

The Main Cast of the Big Bang Theory
The Main Cast of the Big Bang Theory

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I think by now that most Big Bang Theory fans know that rumors have been going around that the upcoming season 10 could be the final season. But what if it didn’t have to be? Well, some fans might not want a good show to run past its prime, and that’s understandable. There are some fans out there that would want the show to continue. However, what if the show did continue. But without some, if not all, of the main leads. Now that is a much trickier notion.

If you’re a super Big Bang Theory fan, and you not only keep up with the show, but also with the actors as well, then you would know that there have been a lot of contract battles going on with the cast and CBS. The actors are on one of the most successful television programs of the time and they want more pay. Negotiations have already started as the stars’ contracts are set to expire at the end of the upcoming season. However, this time around this will not stop the show’s production.  Some episodes have already been filmed.

What the Writer Says:

Steve Molaro, a writer for the show, spoke about the possibility of the series continuing without some or all of its main stars:

“All we can do right now is focus on season 10 and go script by script, which is what we would be doing anyway,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “As far as I’m concerned, here in the writers’ room, it’s business as usual. Moving forward with the characters and letting them live their lives day by day and feeling out what happens with them.”

When asked if the show could continue without Sheldon and the others Molaro said:

“I have no idea. I think it would certainly be different and weird. There’s no point in me wondering what it could be when I have 19 scripts staring down at me that need to get written.”

But he doesn’t seem to be in favor of the idea:

“The more the better. If I had a couple of episodes of advance warning, I’m confident we could do something meaningful. But hopefully it won’t come to that.”

I don’t think the Big Bang Theory fan base would want to see the show continue without the members of the main cast. I think even missing one or two of them would cause a meltdown. The main thing to remember about this show is that its fans have fallen in love with these characters and they genuinely want to see them grow and succeed. But it’s all too common that once something gains popularity, it is milked for all that it is worth. Hopefully, the Big Bang Theory will be spared from that.

  • Jim Madewell

    Think of the story lines if Sheldon and Amy had kids? I can think of hundreds of story lines about BBT and I am not a writer…………..

  • Julie Finley Boles

    What’s wrong with you? Milk it? No. But myself as a fan wants the show to continue as long as the cast will play the part. You can never have enough of a good story.

  • Reid Spenser

    Problem with this show was that at first (maybe first 3 seasons), it was really great, geeky show that wasn’t meant to be understood by the whole population. Then they lowered down show intelligence to get more viewers and everything went to hell. They lost a lot of primary, “real” audience in exchange for a lot of “mediocre” and the quality of show went down abnormally. And what’s gonna happen next? Well, they lost their loyal, geeky viewers and they will lost this average audience soon, cause nothing can keep medocre attention. So they’re trying to get as much as it can before everything ends up bad and I understand actors completely.

    • Admiral Nissan

      Actually, if you have any understanding of how people develop, you’ll realize that the characters have grown organically and realistically. Many people, myself included, think that in many ways, the show is better than it was in earlier years.

  • Patricia Edwards

    Show won’t be worth watching without Sheldon..if you take him off the show me and my family won’t watch it any more.

  • David Clark


  • Steve Tyke

    no Sheldon no original characters NO SHOW I wound not watch it BAZINGA

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