Will Leonard Hofstadter’s Brother Appear As Next Major Cameo On TBBT?


During The Big Bang Theory episode “The Celebration Reverbration,” audiences were reminded of Leonard Hofstadter brother, Michael. Leonard received the dreaded annual Christmas card from Michael, which sent him into a depression.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“If there’s a picture of his wife and his kids and his dogs and his horses all in matching pajamas, I beg you to burn it,” said Leonard Hofstadter. In addition to the too-cute family photo, the letter also said his charity helped build a hospital in Rwanda.

But what do we really know about Leonard Hofstadter’s brother?

Who Is Leonard Hofstadter’s Brother?

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

All we really know about Leonard Hofstadter’s brother is that his name is Michael and Leonard’s mom believes that he is a “more successful version of Leonard.” But there are some other clues about this mysterious character who has never been seen before.

We know that Michael Hofstadter is a tenured law professor at Harvard. In the past, he even argued a case before the Supreme Court. Obviously, he’s also married with children and has a few pet horses and dogs.

Finally, he’s apparently 8 inches taller than Leonard, because he was nurtured longer as a child than Leonard.

Guest Cameos On Major Television Shows

Last Man Standing | Photo Credit ABC

Surprisingly, we’ve never seen this character, but that could mean things are leading up to a major cameo. This has happened on shows like Scrubs, Last Man Standing, and even Parks and Rec.

In “My Big Brother,” J.D. got a visit from his brother on Scrubs. Actor Tom Cavanagh played J.D.’s brother in six episodes of the series, while also starring on the show Ed from 2000 to 2004.

Likewise, Tim Allen brought in Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) to play his brother on the series Last Man Standing. But The Big Bang Theory has the opportunity to bring in a major star, similar to Parks and Rec.

Over the 7 seasons that Parks and Rec was on television, they always talked about Mayor Gunderson but never revealed the character. Finally, in an episode called “Two Funerals,” the Mayor was portrayed by comedy icon, Bill Murray.

Who do you think would be a good candidate to portray Leonard Hofstadter brother?