My Top 5 Quotes from Episode 10

Episode 10
Season 10 Episode 10 The Property Division COllision

The Big Bang Theory has mastered the art of slipping in clever little lines.  Season 10 is no exception and the episode, The Property Division Collision was no different.  It features Sheldon and Leonard having a fight over who gets what from the old apartment.  While Howard and Bernadette are accepting Stuart back into their home.  Raj collides with Stuart, who seems to be taking over his role.  Here are the top 5 best quotes from Season 10 Episode 10 The Property Division Collision in order ranking.

Quote Number 5

episode 10
Sheldon speaking to Amy in the Property Division Collision by

After Leonard and Sheldon cannot come to an agreement on their things, Sheldon decides to leave stating:

            Sheldon: Come along Amy. I know when I am not wanted.

            Amy: I don’t think you do but alright.

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