Top 10 “Howardette” Moments Part 1


I’ve done my personal Top 10 lists for “Shamy” and “Lenny,”; so obviously “Howardette” should be next on my list.  Don’t just love their couple names?!  I wanted to do it with my own fiancé, but I don’t think he’s too keen on it. I might just do it anyway, hoping it will grow on him!

Anyway, here are MY top 10 “Howardette” moments…

10. The Rolex

Bernadette reveals that her doctoral dissertation was accepted, and that she would be receiving her PhD. Howard was extremely happy for her, even though his friends mocked him that his fiancé was a doctor and he was not.  She also becomes employed by a large pharmaceutical company, who would be paying her a lot of money.

With her new money, she bought Howard a Rolex watch. Which prompted some role reversal, as she took on the role of “rich husband” doting on his trophy wife. The next morning, Howard visits Sheldon and Leonard, stating that he had stayed up all night fighting with Bernadette because “she gave me a beautiful watch”, much to the confusion of Sheldon.

I think this is a cute moment because it shows that Bernadette cares enough about Howard to want to give him nice things. Even though Howard feels weird about it, it’s nice to see he doesn’t go overboard about the gender role reversal.

9. The Mini Dolls

In the episode where Sheldon has to work on a project with Barry, Howard spends a lot of money on a 3-D printer.  All because he wants to make a mini-Howard and mini-Bernadette. She loves them until she learns how much Howard spent on the machine!  She takes him off their joint checking account until he can learn the value of money.

Besides the issue of the money, this is a really cute romantic gesture. Who wouldn’t go “awwwwww” at receiving mini dolls of you and your partner?

8. Baby Beats

Eventually, Raj starts getting too interested in Bernadette’s gestation. They ask him to back off. They all get to hear the baby’s heartbeat, while Bernadette is getting extra emotional due to her increased hormone levels.

Any time you get to experience parenthood is usually a good moment. But I feel as though this moment is special because Howardette got to share it with a close friend – Raj.

7. Compromise

In the episode called “The Shiny Trinket Maneuver,” Howard was upset to learn that Bernadette dislikes and feels uncomfortable around children. However, she agrees that when they marry she will work while he stays at home to raise their kids.

This is a good moment because it shows that Howardette are able to compromise and work through problems. Which is a very good skill to have when you are in a committed relationship.

6. The Proposal

Rumors about Bernadette’s intention to break up with Howard start spreading among their social group. However, Howard, who was left out in the dark, is thinking of proposing to Bernadette. When Howard finally pops the question, Bernadette accepts.

Yes, it is true that Howard had serious “mommy” issues. However, once Howard proposed, Bernadette probably realized that she really loved him and wanted to be with him for the long ride. Besides, proposals are always touching moments.

The Proposal
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Stay tuned for Part 2 (coming soon)!  It will cover Moments 1 – 5!!