Top 10 Heartwarming Howard Wolowitz Quotes

By Miranda Moore | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-14

Since I am doing a quotes list, I decided that each character will get two lists. One for funny quotes and the other for more touching, sentimental quotes. These quotes were picked by me by using the quotes section on the Big Bang Theory’s site. These are not a reflection of the fan base, just my opinion. But I’m sure you’ll find a quote you like anyway. Leonard’s quotes were really hard for me to narrow down.  Some of these might straddle the funny/heartwarming line.

10. Howard: Should we name him?
Bernadette: It is Valentine’s Day. How about Valentino?
Howard: Nice. A classic rabbit name. Peter Rabbit, Roger Rabbit. Valentino Wolowitz Rabbit.
Oh, look at all that chest hair and overbite. Of course you’re a Wolowitz.

Why I Picked It: Because it’s cute to see Wolowitz with a bunny. Even if the bunny bites him.

9. Howard: I guess the sad truth is not everyone will accomplish something great. Some of us may just have to find meaning in the little moments that make up life.
Leonard: That’s a nice way of looking at it.
Howard: Yeah, for you, not for me. I went to space, so I’m covered.

Why I Picked It: It’s a real zinger.

8. Howard: I love you. And I’m not just saying that because your breasts are gonna get bigger.

Why I Picked It: At least he said I love you.

7. Bernadette: It’s just furniture.
Howard: It’s my mom’s furniture. It belongs in the house I grew up in, next to that pile of TV Guides and in full view of what, for a ten-year-old, was a quality piece of string-art!

Why I Picked It: Howard is always taking shots at his mother. But once she dies, we see how much he loved her.

Howie in yellow
Howie in yellow Credit:

6. Howard: A lot of ma’s stuff brings back fond memories.
Bernadette: Is that why you couldn’t get rid of her drawer full of ketchup packets?
Howard: Yes. It reminds me of us eating out, and her saying “Quick, no one’s looking, fill your pockets with ketchup.”

Why I Picked It: We see the love Howard had for him mom in this quote.

5. Howard: It’s all defrosting.
Bernadette: It’s okay, it’s just food.
Howard: It’s not just food. This is the last food my mother ever made. This is her last brisket. This is her last meatloaf. This is her last – I have no idea what this is. But, it’s the last one.

Why I Picked It: To me, this quote really sums up grief.

4. Howard: Are you kidding me? You lost my mother’s ashes?
Airline worker: No, I’m just saying that sometimes bags are mis-routed.
Howard: All right, where did you mis-route the only woman who ever loved me? The first woman – I meant first.

Why I Picked It: When you really think about it, this is pretty heartbreaking. Wouldn’t you be upset if someone lost your mother’s ashes?

3. Howard: Oh. I mean, how do you prepare for something like this? I’m not even sure I’ve held a baby before.
Bernadette: Oh, it’s okay, you’ll figure it out.
Howard: But how’s this all gonna work? Do we get a nanny? I mean, can we afford a nanny? And if we can, we can’t get a pretty one, ’cause it’ll wreck our marriage.
We can’t get an ugly one, ’cause it’ll scare the kid.
Bernadette: I don’t know, Howie.
Howard: Are we in a good school district? You’re Catholic, I’m Jewish. What religion do we raise it? And if it’s a boy, do we get him circumcised? People say it’s barbaric, but if we don’t, it looks like a pig in a blanket.
Bernadette: Calm down, it’s gonna be okay.
Howard: How’s it gonna be okay? Look at me, I’m a mess. And that means this baby’s gonna half a mess. And that’s even before we screw it up with our cut-rate moderately attractive nanny.

Why I Picked it: Howard might just be saying this stuff to be funny, but it’s obvious that he’s worried about being a good father.

2. Howard: (Singing) Bernadette, I am so sorry for… trying to propose to you. Bernadette, you found it creepy, but… that’s just the kind of thing I do…Aaaaaaaaahhh. I know now it’s too soon to talk of love, it was just a crazy idea that came to me in my tub. Bernadette, give me one more chance, Sweet Bernadette. I’ll get the hang of this thing they call romance, Sweet Bernadette. I dream to once again kiss your lips, Sweet Bernadette. Sincerely Yours, Howard Wolowitz! Bernadette. (Song Ends) Thank you, Cheesecake Factory.

Why I Picked It: Silly, but a cute romantic gesture.

1. Howard: I’d like to dedicate my last song of the evening to my wife, best friend, and now the mother of our child. I love you, Bernie.
“Havin’ my baby / What a lovely way of sayin’ / How much you love me / Havin’ my baby / What a lovely way of sayin’ / What you’re thinkin’ of me”

Why I Picked It: Because Howard really loves Bernadette.

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