Four Crazy Facts About Kunal Nayyar’s Wedding


You’ll have fun with these crazy facts about Kunal’s marriage


Though he plays the unlucky Raj Koothrapalli from The Big Bang Theory, real life actor Kunal Nayyar couldn’t be more different. Where Raj gets turned down at every turn, Kunal is married to Ms. India. Of course, this stuff doesn’t just happen. If you’ve ever wondered about it, well, here are three crazy facts about Kunal Nayyar’s wedding.

The Wedding Was Six Days Long

India is known for doing things big. Especially when it comes to marriage and unity. But because of the star-power of both Neha Kapur and Kunal, their particular unification was gigantic.

Over 1000 guests attended the celebration with food, family, and a following of India’s oldest traditions. So much so Kunal himself rode in on a white horse!

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