Why Young Sheldon Crossover Was Risky For The Big Bang Theory On ‘The Sibling Realignment’


The latest Big Bang Theory episode featured some serious Young Sheldon crossover. With heartwarming, endearing, and also disgusting moments, The Sibling Realignment was almost too good for words. Here’s what we thought about last week’s TBBT and a few predictions for the future episodes.

Jerry O’Connell Did a Fantastic Job

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First thing’s first. Jerry O’Connell did a fantastic job as Georgie Cooper. We’ve watched Georgie evolve on Young Sheldon, and Jerry picked the character right back up where the spin-off series leaves him.

Jerry must have been watching Young Sheldon quite a bit to nail this acting moment so well. Not only is he a dead-ringer for Montana Jordan (the actor who plays Georgie)’s dad, he also emotionally encompassed the exact way Jordan portrays Georgie. It’s almost as if he was doing an adult-version impression of the young actor.

The Writers Handled it so Well

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The writers truly handled this crossover so well. While they could have played into Big Bang Theory‘s tendency to only show Sheldon’s side of things, instead the two shows merged almost as one. In Young Sheldon, we are blessed to see Sheldon’s other family member’s perspectives. This includes Georgie’s complex love for his little brother. While Sheldon might see Georgie’s mistreatment as nothing but malicious, many of Georgie’s actions are actually motivated by love.

In The Big Bang Theory, we see Georgie tell Sheldon exactly that. He explains that throwing out Sheldon’s halloween costume, for example, was actually an attempt to protect his brother. He claimed, “He was still gonna get beat up for wearing that dress.”

Georgie Stands Up for Mary

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On The Big Bang Theory Mary Cooper is seen as an overzealous Christian. She’s also considered a pretty powerful lady. However, on Young Sheldon, we see her softer side. We know she is fiercely protective of her baby boy but also worried for him. Jerry O’Connell’s performance on TBBT brought that awareness to the parent show. 

He also foreshadowed George Cooper’s death. We’ve gotten to know George Cooper on Young Sheldon as a loving father. Sometimes he makes mistakes and isn’t the most sensitive, but he is a good dad nonetheless. When Georgie talks about his father’s death we can’t help but wonder if it will be addressed on the spin-off series. He explains to Sheldon, “Mm was a mess, Missy was a dumb teenager. I had to take care of everything.”

Will we see Young Sheldon go this far? If Chuck Lorre has anything to say about it, the answer is yet. He told media, “We didn’t want to just do ‘little Sheldon.’ He’s a work in progress. He’s nine years old. There’s a lot of growth and change that’s going to take place. He’s going to college in a couple of years. There’s a couple of PhDs that are going to happen before he’s 21 years old.” This quote leads us to believe there are many, many more seasons left for Young Sheldon.

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