These Behind The Scenes Big Bang Theory Wedding Details Will SHOCK You


The TBBT wedding aired a few weeks ago and we’re still not over how perfect it was. Sheldon and Amy’s wedding went off without a hitch and we couldn’t be even happier. What’s even more entertaining are these behind the scenes Big Bang Theory facts we’ve learned since watching the episode. Here’s what really went on while filming this major finale.

Mark Hamill Insisted on Shooting Live

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One thing that makes The Big Bang Theory so unique is its live taping sessions. Many comedies have moved away from this style of filming but TBBT continues the tradition of a live studio audience. While actors used to the process tend to feed off the crowd’s reaction, it can be a lot of pressure for a guest star. The producers are always willing to pre-tape guest appearances to make stars more comfortable or to accommodate their schedules.

However, Mark Hamill wouldn’t hear of a pre-tape. Steve Holland revealed that Mark was ready to go and wanted the full Big Bang experience. He recalled, “We said, ‘We could pre-shoot all your scenes if you don’t want to do them live,’ and he said, ‘I really want to do them live. I want to be in front of the audience the night of the taping,’”

Mayim Bialik Freaked Out When She Met Mark Hamill

Speaking of Mark Hamill, he caused quite a stir on the Big Bang set while filming the finale. Mayim Bialik, in particular, was completely star struck when meeting her childhood crush. She even wrote an entire blog post about the experience. Bialik shared, “I started to cry inside. He walked toward the table. I strode as confidently as I could towards him in my workout clothing (I had just come from the gym) and I put my hand out and my breath caught in my throat as if I was meeting Prince Charming himself.”

She later revealed that Hamill noticed the blog and social media posts and found them endearing. She later shared, “I feel literally unworthy to have met Mark Hamill. I didn’t want to meet him, but I am so glad they made me.”

Mark Hamill wasn’t the only guest star to cause a stir during production.

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