Can You Match The RIGHT Penny Hairstyle To The Right Big Bang Theory Season?


Throughout the seasons of The Big Bang Theory, we see the characters evolve in both personality and appearance.  Penny is one character who we see develop from season 1 until today.  One hot topic is her hairstyles.  Here we explore her different hair choices season by season.

Season 1

Penny confronts Leonard outside her apartment in season 1 by

In season 1, we find Penny introduced as the girl next door.  Leonard feels he could never have a shot at Penny because she is this trim, physically cut, and perfect in every way pretty girl. Here we find her hair reflecting this as it is perfectly and precisely laid just past her shoulders with even bangs.

Season 2

Penny sports her Penny Blossom in season 2 by

In season 2 Penny has grown her hair out a little more and has it in large curls towards the ends.  Throughout the season we can often see her bangs pinned back onto her head in a large poof. Overall the style seems much more relaxed and casual than in the previous season.

Seasons 3 & 5

Penny avoids Leonard’s eyes in Season 3 by

In season 3 and 5, we find Penny with a similar hairstyle.  She evolved season 2’s style slightly.  She did away with the bangs and has almost the just-rolled-out-of-bed look.  Straight but unstyled up top while getting wavier further towards the bottom. 

Seasons 4, 6 and 7  

Kaley Cuoco poses for season 4 photo shoot by

Seasons 4, 6, and 7 finds Penny sporting a similar hairstyle to season 1. Her hair is essentially the same as in 3 and 5, however, the key difference is that in these three seasons we find her sporting a straightened and more punctuated look. 

Season 8

Penny consults Bernadette in season 8 by

Perhaps the shock of the season (One of many) was Penny’s new and extremely different hair.  She appears with a pixie cut which was very unlike the Penny we had seen so far. (Spoiler: In season 10, all of her friends reveal they did not really like her hair. The most credit Penny got for her hair was Bernadette calling it “bold”.)

Season 9

Penny questions Leonard in season 9 by

Season 9 finds Penny again with short hair, but slightly longer as she begins growing it out.  It gave her a few more options for styling and was a style the fans seemed a little more comfortable with.

Season 10

Penny with Leonard and his dad in season 10 by

Season 10 brought a lot of great moments.  One of which was seeing Penny’s hair grow back to being almost long-ish.  Her hair is now only slightly shorter than we see it in season 1, but this time she stuck with no bangs and kept it wavy.  Also notice that she seems to be going more toward the dirty side of blonde.

What do you think?

What is your favorite and least favorite hair style of Penny’s?