[TBBT Cast] Is The Show Really Coming To An End?


The Big Bang Theory stars finally spoke out about what they’d like from the show’s ending. While they’re still under contract for a twelfth season, all signs are pointing to the series ending there. Here’s what Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki, and the others would like to see from the final episode.

The Big Bang Theory Stars Speak Out

The Big Bang Theory stars have alluded to their series’ end quite a bit in the last year. After 10 seasons, some fans were worried the show writers would call it quits but instead, the entire team signed on for an 11th and 12th season. However, no 13th season has been ordered, and it seems more people are predicting a series finale next year.

At Paleyfest 2018, the cast was asked what they’d like to see for their characters if the show does come to a close. They’ve played these individuals for over 10 years now, so of course they have ideas about how things should end up.

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