The Big Bang Theory Holiday Gift Ideas


Gift ideas for you or your loved ones

gift ideas

Oh, what’s that, do I hear jingling on the roof? Wait, no, it’s my tinnitus. Well, the jingling does remind me the holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than to start thinking of The Big Bang Theory gift ideas.

While I’m sure Leonard, Howard, and Sheldon would rather engage in a scientific debate about the possibility of Santa, it doesn’t stop us from stuffing stockings with show-related items.

If you’re out of ideas for the season, not to worry. This quick string of gift ideas should satisfy any fan. Or better yet, make someone a fan!

Wrapping paper not included.

The obvious first choice is the season 1-9 collection of TBBT in Blu-ray form. Blu-ray brings out extraordinary quality with the digital medium, so even if you’re a veteran, it’s like watching the show in a brand new way.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try a LEGO set. I’m not kidding. LEGO has a Big Bang Theory set which creates the cast’s main apartment, mini-figs included. Bring out your inner kid (or actual kid) to have a wonderful showpiece wherever you put it. Or you know, do the sensible thing and play with it.

And now for murder — all part of a fun game.

The next pick makes me a little giddy. If you’ve ever wondered what member of the cast was most prone to sneaky homicide, then CLUE’s Big Bang Theory edition is for you. The idea alone is laugh-worthy — imagine the characters plotting against each other.

Will Raj take down Howard with the defiled toothbrush in the physics lab? I dunno, but it’s the kind of thing you’ll be treated to if you pick this one up.

Are you sure this isn’t coal?

Last (but not least out of the hundreds of possible choices) is something to help you with studying. Or, for storing files quickly in general. Or to remind you Howard looks like a discount Beatles member.

The 8GB Howard Holowitz USB device is a nifty trinket. Want a daily reminder of the world’s creepiest pick-up artist? Look no further! It’s an easy holiday gift idea because it’s also small and inexpensive. A good grab if you’re not sure what to get. Believe me, everyone needs a spare USB these days.

Plenty of other ideas exist, so watch for part two. For now, if you’re coming up dry on gift ideas, these can help. For now, let’s marathon The Big Bang Theory one more time.