The Big Bang Theory Awards


And, The Winners Are…

Most Sarcastic

The Award of Most Sarcastic goes to Sheldon Cooper. He always knows just the right time to deliver that sarcasm. He has sarcasm down to such an art that most people do not realize he is being sarcastic. No sarcastic comment can slip past the King of Sarcasm.

Sheldon gets all dressed up to receive his well-deserved award by youtube

Best Smile

The Award of Best Smile goes to Amy Farrah Fowler. Her serious face dominates her character, but when she smiles it lights up the whole room. It is impossible to not want to smile back at her. We love you and your smile, Amy!

The world winning smile of Amy Farrah Fowler by

Most Adorable

The Award of Most Adorable goes to Bernadette. With her small stature and high-pitched voice, Bernadette reminds us of a child. When she talks it makes us go ‘aww’. But watch out because not everything adorable is okay to pet; Bernadette bites back.

Whose the cutest of them all? by

Biggest Brown-Nose

The Award of the Biggest Brown-Nose goes to Leonard. Most specifically, we see him repeatedly sucking up to Penny to win over her affections. But persistence and sucking up can go a long way, especially when one has two years to put it to work. At least he had that going for him!

Leonard struggles to carry Penny over the threshold by

Most Socially Inappropriate

The Award of Most Socially Inappropriate goes to Raj. Typically this occurs whenever Raj tries to overcome his selective mutism by using drugs or alcohol. Normal social norms are dropped for all intents and purposes as Raj voices inappropriate things to females or about his friends.

Raj lounges at work by

Most Failed Attempts with Women

The Award of Most Failed Attempts with Women goes to Howard! Through all his plans and schemes, the success rate is extremely low. But he keeps trying which is the important part! You have to get it wrong a lot before you get it right. Luckily he did get it right with Bernadette.

Howard learns the hard way how not to pick up a girl by

Best Dressed

The Award of Best Dressed goes to none other than Penny! Her style is unmatched. No matter how little money she has at the time, she always has enough to get the best shoes or a cute new outfit. Penny is the go-to girl for fashion advice!

Penny is killing it with her casual thrown together look by

What do you think? Who should win what award besides what we have listed?