Discover TBBT Actors’ TRUE Feelings About Science


The Big Bang Theory actors have successfully been playing scientists for the past ten plus years. They’ve had to memorize tons of scientific formulas, vocabulary words, and slang terms. But do they actually enjoy science as individuals? The answer is different for everyone.

Science And The Big Bang Theory Actors

Without science, there would be no The Big Bang Theory. The entire show is premised around a group of men who work at the Cal Tech University in the field. They love science and all things geeky. That’s what makes them so lovable and hysterical. In real life, however, the Big Bang Theory actors differ in their love or hate for science. While they all understand that science is important and necessary, they don’t personally feel an aptitude for it.

Jim Parsons Is Nervous

Jim Parsons has perhaps the nerdiest and most scientifically-minded character in the entire show. Sheldon Cooper finds great pride and joy in scientific research. He routinely compares his fiance Amy to a beautiful scientific equation and he loves to outsmart his fellow scientists regularly.

Jim Parsons admitted that memorizing scientific lingo for the show is actually one of his least favorite parts of work. After ten years, he still hasn’t picked up on certain things and he definitely doesn’t feel a love for the field. He said, “I shiver every time they put a whiteboard near me… [The writers say], ‘You have to write the last part of the equation,’ and I’m like, ‘Okay, then give me a plus or minus sign, because I cannot give you an A over B over X.” 

When asked if he’s retained any knowledge over the years, he said, “I don’t think I’ve learned much of anything… I mean nothing I can name off the top of my head, no… I think it’s the result of excellent writing. The comic rhythms and the beats and whatever. That’s so prominent, that all that [stuff] just [goes out the window].” He pointed out that on set he’s required to memorize things so quickly that nothing really sticks in terms of understanding.

However, Jim also admitted that as a boy he wanted to be a meteorologist- a scientist in its own right. He explained, “I do think that I was partly fascinated by weather, but I knew that I wanted to perform. I thought well you know I could be sort of in science, and be on TV.” Maybe he’s more like Sheldon than we think.

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