The Amazing Guests Of The Big Bang Theory


These amazing guests are legendary.

special guests

Mega Guests.

Last week we had a post about some visiting guests and their sci-fi connections for TBBT. It’s a big positive, as the show is no slouch when it comes to guests and science.

But throughout the show’s history, some impressive figures have appeared. Some related to science, others various geeky hobbies. If you didn’t know them before, you know them now, and what they do. Here’s a quick list of some of the most prominent figures that showed up on TBBT.

Excelsior, true believers — Stan Lee

Stan Lee appeared on the show. His name should be immediately recognizable. But if not, Stan Lee was one of the most influential creators in early comic book history — he still is. From him, we saw the likes of Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four. He’s famous for his unique cameo appearances in all of the Marvel movies.

In episode 16 of season three, Stan makes an appearance, although more on the grumpy side. It’s an odd pairing to be sure, considering Sheldon’s affluence with DC characters (Stan is Marvel). But, no one can doubt the ties of heroes and nerds, so Stan was a natural pick.

Bill Nye the Science Guy!

Bill Nye is the childhood voice of scientific education. Including myself, millions of young kids would tune it as Bill taught them about science in hilarious ways.

He appeared in “The Proton Displacement,” (season 7 episode 7), albeit briefly, to check out a nano-vacuum tube. While Bill didn’t get to dazzle us with scientific brilliance, his presence alone speaks volumes about scientific legitimacy.

Leonard Nimoy

Rest his soul; Leonard Nimoy was another big appearance on TBBT. Nimoy’s major acting role has been as Spock, one of the most popular characters in Star Trek.

The Big Bang Theory tackles numerous complex subjects. Everything from politics, science, and philosophy can all be found in the show. So of course, Nimoy’s cameo on The Big Bang Theory was another wise choice.

Leonard appears as a tiny Spock figure in season 5, episode 2, communicating with Sheldon. It fits as his voice has always been perfect for narration. In the episode, the Spock figure tries to convince Sheldon to take out a figure and play with it, instead of keeping it in the box.

Because Star Trek was always about overcoming obstacles with wise words, this was fitting. Mr. Nimoy passed away last year, so it’s a nice way to remember him too.

Are there more scientifically sound guests! Absolutely. We’ll be doing follow up posts about the other incredible minds which have graced TBBT.