Every Fan Is Talking About Sheldon’s Expression Here

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-09-12

Season 11 Of Big Bang Underway

Photo by torontostar.com

Season 11 filming for The Big Bang Theory is underway, and so far we’ve only seen the one photo from Mayim Bialik. Based on the photo, it looks like Jim Parsons is already in character as the ever-annoyed Sheldon Cooper.

“He only looks made at me, he says he missed me,” writes the actress, about her fellow actor. Mayim Bialik is back on set after taking some time off where doctors told her to rest her vocal chords for about a month.

“I love Jim Parsons either way,” writes Bialik.

Parsons And Bialik Back On Set

Bialik, Parsons | Photo Credit Instagram

People Choice writes:

“Filming for season 11 of The Big Bang Theory is currently underway, and some of the actors from the sitcom appear to be happier than others about being back together. From the first day of filming the current season of the hit CBS comedy, Mayim Bialik (aka Amy Farrah Fowler) has been posting pictures from her return to set, including her reunion with her on-screen counterpart, Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon Cooper.”

“He only looks mad at me. he says he missed me. I love @therealjimparsons either way,” Bialik captioned her hilarious photo on Friday of everyone’s favorite dynamic duo. As you can see, the TV couple is hanging out on a couch on the set of TBBT, but we’re not quite sure why Parsons is so upset in the reunion photo. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have his special spot! The couch is clearly not the one we all know and love from Sheldon and Leonard’s famous Pasadena apartment.”

Preparing For Season 11 Of TBBT

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Instagram

Despite this picture, it’s obvious these two get along just fine after spending nearly a decade as a couple on the CBS sitcom. This isn’t the first photo to leak online, as Kaley Cuoco has also posted an image of her pink script.

What do you think of the ever-smug Sheldon Cooper in this photo?

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