TBBT May Have Just “Accidentally” Spoiled The Justice League Movie Twist…


For fifty years, the Justice League has brought together the DC universe’s mightiest heroes to fight their villains. However, Leonard and Sheldon may prove to be their biggest warriors yet seeing as they may have spoiled the Green Lantern surprise.

Justice League | Photo Credit Warner Brothers

As Zack Snyder and the DC universe prepares for their first Justice League movie, they’re doing their best to keep things under wraps. One surprise was the all-black Superman outfit, but another might have been the Green Lantern.

It comes down to a Sweepstakes that connects TBBT to Justice League.

Big Bang Theory Spoils Justice League Twist

TBBT Contest | Photo Credit Warner Brothers

Since Warner Brothers owns both DC and The Big Bang Theory, the connection was obvious. However, the writers behind Justice League wanted to keep the Green Lantern a secret.

Within the Big Bang sweepstakes, all of the superhero logos were included, along with the Green Lantern. The contest was a “which superhero are you?” spinner, which may have given away the big twist.

More than likely, Ryan Reynolds will not return for this film.

Green Lantern Twist Shared Online

Ryan Reynolds | Photo Credit Reck News

Nerdist writes, “Before we ship Leonard and Sheldon off to the science cells on Oa, it should be pointed out that the original tagline for this film was “unite the seven.” Even with Superman added to the mix, that’s only six heroes…”

It’s unclear who will play the Green Lantern, assuming this revelation is real, but it’s not going to be Ryan Reynolds. In the original film (which tanked), Reynolds starred as the Green Lantern.

Similar to the failed Fantastic Four and various Spider-Man reboots, the studios are likely going to disregard the Ryan Reynolds version all-together. After all, he’s clearly moved on to the role he was born to play, with Deadpool.

There’s always a chance that this was a coincidence and they were simply doing the general Justice League, but fans found out about the all-black Superman suit in a similar way. Warner Brothers displayed the suit on the studio tour before they even advertised it in the film!

What do you think about this major twist being spoiled by TBBT?