Sheldon Cooper Wants To Tell The Whole World About THIS Discovery


“Are you sad we’re not having a big party?” asked Sheldon Cooper. At city hall, the duo discussed their plans to elope. Luckily, Sheldon realized the importance of a traditional wedding just in the knick of time.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“Wait, I want to have a first dance with you,” said Sheldon Cooper. Still seated, Sheldon began to confess his love for Amy Farrah Fowler. It’s one of the more romantic scenes we’ve ever seen on the show.

“I want a real wedding,” he said.

Sheldon Cooper Gives The Greatest Compliment

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“Amy, I never thought I would want to marry anyone. So the fact that I found you is astonishing. It’s like finding dark matter. Except they’re looking for dark matter. I wasn’t even looking for you. So you’re even better than dark matter,” he added.

“When you make a discovery like this, you don’t just take it down to city hall,” concluded Sheldon Cooper. “You tell the whole world. So I’ll say it in Latin or Klingon or smoke signals.”

“I want to do this right,” he said with a smile.

Making A Remarkable Discovery

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

In addition to calling Amy a remarkable discovery, he gave her an even bigger compliment. Sheldon Cooper told Amy that he was willing to change and compromise for her.

When he said he would speak in Latin or Klingon, he was telling her that he’s willing to compromise to make her happy. This is the opposite of anything we’ve ever seen in Sheldon Cooper. That’s the importance of Amy Farrah Fowler to Sheldon.

As a couple, Sheldon has realized that relationships are about compromise and getting married is special, rather than a social obligation. In many ways, Sheldon Cooper is starting to become more real.

Now, we can continue to speculate on their big day, but it sounds like Any is going to make more of the decisions. Likewise, Sheldon can also focus on his work and his new role as a husband.

Do you think Sheldon Cooper will be a better husband than he was a boyfriend?