This Long Awaited Moment Finally Happened In The Latest Episode


“I know you liked her, but we just bumped into each other and hit it off,” said Raj to Stuart on TBBT. Not long ago, Stuart Raj men were fighting over Ruchi. Now, it looks like Raj has the upper hand.

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“Fine. You’re my friend and I’m happy for you,” responded Stuart. “Plus, I don’t know how you’re going to screw it up, but I know you will.” Stuart is still a little upset at his friend for stealing the girl they both liked.

“What’s there to screw up? She just wants to keep things casual,” said Raj. Stuart quickly realized that’s how he’s going to screw up the new girlfriend.

Stuart Raj Fight Over The Same Girl (Again)

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Unfortunately for Raj, Stuart was right. Not only did Stuart point out that Raj isn’t the type of guy to keep things casual, but Penny also laughed in his face. Everyone knows that Raj is a hopeless romantic who wants to live a fairytale love life.

“Just give her some space. Don’t call. Don’t text. [And] don’t email,” said Penny as the two discussed the incident in her kitchen. Raj’s response was, “That’s crazy. What if I see a sunset that reminds me of her?”

Obviously, Raj isn’t ready to keep things casual.

Can Raj Just Be Casual?

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At dinner, Raj told his new girlfriend that he didn’t have a lot of experience with being casual (or dating in general). That said, he was willing to give it a try, seeing as the two have so much in common.

But, she soon informed him that she also doesn’t believe in love. With this in mind, it looked like a means to an end for Raj. Not only does she not want to fall in love, but she doesn’t even believe in love.

Raj spends most of his time watching romantic comedies, and one of his favorite movie stars is Meryl Streep. Aside from the time he spends watching the Lifetime Channel, the rest of the time he’s daydreaming about a wife.

But, as Howard points out, Ruchi is into Raj, so he needs to keep things going and see what happens to be happy.

Do you think Raj is going to screw up things with Ruchi?