Fans Amazed When THIS “Celebrity” Makes Surprise Appearance Once Again


Stephen Hawking Guest Stars On TBBT

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS
The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Famous physicist Stephen Hawking has now been on The Big Bang Theory seven times. In addition to his famed work as a writer and scientist, many also fell in love with Hawking in the movie about his life, The Theory of Everything.

In the Season 11 premiere of The Big Bang Theory, Stephen Hawking appeared once more as Sheldon Cooper’s mentor. The physicist gave Sheldon his approval for a proposal to Amy Farrah Fowler.

Sheldon thought this was more important than asking her father, who he asked next.

Put A Ring On It Like Saturn

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS
The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“I think you should make her finger like Saturn and put a ring on it,” said Stephen Hawking in the first cameo. Later, when Sheldon and Amy got into an argument, he returned Stephen Hawking again for his advice.

This time, while Sheldon was revealing his issues, the famed physicist got the best of him. Sheldon was upset that Amy’s co-workers were more obsessed with her than him. He even thought that they were the ones being rude.

Sheldon couldn’t understand why they didn’t want to talk to him and only wanted to talk about themselves.

“Can You See The Irony In That Statement?”

Big Bang Premiere | Photo Credit CBS
Big Bang Premiere | Photo Credit CBS

Sheldon stormed off to the bathroom of the one-bedroom and Skyped Stephen Hawking once more. Hawking first asked, “Are you sitting in a bathroom?” Then added, “If I hear a flush, this conversation is over…”

The egotistic Sheldon Cooper then said, “Those people were in the presence of a world-class mind and all they wanted to talk about was their own nonsense.” Hawking replied, “Can you see the irony in that statement?”

Stephen Hawking then repeated, “How about now? How about now? I’ll wait.” It was clear that Sheldon didn’t understand at first. Apparently, Stephen Hawking is more in tune with social structures than Sheldon Cooper.

In the end, it took Marvel’s The Avengers to save Sheldon Cooper. He finally learned how to compromise with his future wife.

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