How Young Sheldon’s Success Is Affecting The Big Bang Theory


It’s hard being a The Big Bang Theory fans these days. We never know when the series will end and we’re confused about our future. Even so, it’s always best to focus on the positive. Here are some exciting things we can all look forward to.

Young Sheldon‘s Success

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Young Sheldon‘s success means good things for The Big Bang Theory fans. The show premiered to 17.2 million of us, leading network execs to believe there’s still quite a bit of interest in this show. Perhaps this could persuade them to extend past Season 12… Season 13 anyone? 

Regardless of whether or not TBBT is canceled, it seems that Young Sheldon will be staying for a while. The show just recently received a European air date (February 22nd to be exact.) Iain Armitage is leading the series with his best foot forward and we love watching him interpret little Sheldon Cooper each week. 

Amy and Sheldon’s Wedding

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We can also look forward to Amy and Sheldon’s wedding, which should be coming any day now. Many The Big Bang Theory fans have predicted it will be the Season 11 finale, while others think the writers will save it for the actual series finale. Regardless, this will be an episode to remember. Mayim Bialik predicted there will be all sorts of geeky fun going on. She said, “I think if our writers decide to actually do a wedding at some point — which, I literally have no idea, like, I promise — there will absolutely be Klingons, there may be Stormtrooper costumes involved. I think it’s gonna be, if we were to do it, it would be geek to the max.”

A New Baby

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Of course, we can also look forward to the addition of Howard and Bernadette’s baby boy. Halley brought exciting and comical plots to the show and we hope this little boy will as well. Plus, with two kids we think it’s about time we get to see Halley’s face. It will seem pretty unrealistic if we never see BOTH children.

What are you as The Big Bang Theory fans looking forward to for this season and the next? Are you enjoying Young Sheldon?