BREAKING: Kaley Being Replaced?



Kaley Cuoco has been starting a lot of negative buzz about herself lately….

The latest I have seen is that she is “supposedly” jealous of Melissa Rauch’s increased air time and presence in the story line.

If anything, Cuoco is causing a stir with contract deals, but that’s about it…

The Facts We Know

Long time TBBT fans are worried after learning that neither the show runners nor CBS have guaranteed The Big Bang Theory is going to return for the next season.

This is because contract negotiations are going on for all the key cast members of the show. The network wants to make sure that their revised salaries do not exceed the budget that it has allotted to the production.

However, the main cast members Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, and Kaley Cuoco already make $1 million dollars each, per episode. With Kunal Nayyar and Simon Helberg are right behind with $900,000 payday each.

The Accusation

A salary hike would most probably not be the issue for any of the cast members to back out of their existing contracts. But there is one TBBT star in particular who has suggested that Season 10 might be the end of the road for the show.

Kaley Cuoco, reports TV Series Finale, has dropped hints now and again that it might be the final curtain soon for The Big Bang Theory. But is she speaking of the show in general or just the character that she plays on the show, Penny?

Melissa Rauch, who plays Helberg’s onscreen wife Bernadette, has received quite the praise for the development of her character on the show. I have praised her many times myself.


The squeaky-voiced actress might have started out in a minor role, but now is pregnant with Howard’s baby. Bernadette is being given almost as much screen space as Penny. Is that making Kaley Cuoco insecure and jealous?

People are definitely loving Bernadette more than Penny, given that the former’s mood swings and soon-to-be-mom attitude are fun to watch, reports Glamour. But this could be a matter of opinion.

What Readers are Saying

Besides, when Morning News USA reported that The Big Bang Theory might have to continue without the presence of Penny in its future seasons, the readers reacted:

“The show makes them a double ton of money. They would be insane to cancel it because one actress gets the big head and prices herself out of the show. She could easily have a fatal pregnancy or something and be written out. She isn’t nearly as good the last few years as she was in the beginning,” wrote Arizona Willie.

“Way to wreck the show Kaley! But, from what I have been hearing about her personal life, she is not one to care much about consequences of her actions. Maybe she thinks she could get better offers elsewhere but from my perspective, it’s the writers that make the show, not her,” wrote Brians000.


What do you think campers? Post your comments.

  • Coke on, these three girls are great together. everyone in this show should have the same air time. if this show losses anyone of these people it would be horrible and no one could replace them.

  • Love love love Penny! I feel if you replace any of the characters its ruined. They are a team and each one special to make the BIG BANG!

  • Jane Sullivan

    Love Penny – show would not be the same without her. So tired of people changing formulas that work on the shows that I like to watch. leave this one alone

  • Dave

    To me they are all equal and NEEDED in the show. Losing one will just mean fans will stop watching it. That means the TV exec will end up having a pay cut due to lost revenue and I can’t see them liking that one bit.

  • Donna Marie

    I, for one, am not liking Bernie more than Penny. I think Bernie’s aggravated attitude is getting to be annoying. She needs less air time just for being a witch. I get that she’s pregnant but most pregnant women I have known didn’t get downright mean and meaner day after day. She needs to lighten up.

  • bottomline you get rid of Kaly it will wind up like happy days it will jump the shark it would kill the show in two years or would love to be on the show i come real cheap ha ha

  • Linda Dotterer

    I don’t think any negative things coming from the actors. It’s the story lines that have changed. It’s not what it once was..don’t get me wrong I watch it and enjoy all of them it’s just the writers need to put some surprises in along the way.

  • Pam Leal

    Since Cuoco gets paid the same per episode, whether she is in it for 5 minutes, or 25, what would she care about “air time”? Also, at a million per episode, why give up that guaranteed yearly salary! These actors really shouldn’t be so selfish,,,

  • Jane Sullivan

    Not a huge Bernadette fan love the Leonard and Penny end however, it takes the quirkeness of it all to make the show work. It drives me nuts when Bernadette says she give Howie an allowance – Like shes his Mother instead of his wife but that why she’s not a favorite – Wish Sheldon would give Amy the ring already – it’s getting ridiculous that she knows its there like the preservable carrot being dangled in front of her is patently insulting.

  • smurfette

    If penny is gone the whole show ends. The 3 main characters are Sheldon, Penny, and Leonard. The whole purpose of the show is surrounded by Penny being the smart one. Everyone may have book smarts but Penny is street wise and that brings all the others into play. Cancel it before you take Penny out.

  • DebraBrunsberg

    The show would be great even without Penny. Sheldon and Amy are turning out to be the fun ones to watch now.

  • Shawna Mccue Belair

    I do not think Kelly is jealous.

  • Lorac1

    To be honest, I feel Penny could be written out of the show without really impacting its popularity, but I certainly hope this is not the case. I enjoy the quirky relationship between Amy and Sheldon but think Howard is a total jerk and Bernadette is as well for marrying him. I also adore the moms (Laurie and Christine) and their interactions. I’d love to see a Penny/Leonard, (whom I love) baby just to see some grandma actions.

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