But Simon Helberg Has Invented This One WEIRD Way To Combat Stress


Simon Helberg’s secret way of handling insane stress

simon helberg
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We all have our moments of anxiety. Whether it’s a big day on the job or a huge test, nothing makes us sweat more than stress. The likes of Simon Helberg is no different. Recently I wrote about Jim Parsons and how he handled anxiety, which was raw passion. But Helberg is a different case. His secret oil solution kicked super stress to the curb.

Where did this big anxiety assault come from

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Last week Helberg appeared on Conan to talk about his role in Florence Foster Jenkins. He’s set to get a Golden Globe, and it’s a hallmark of his career.

But Helberg also talked about how the role caused him the sweats. To help play the eccentric pianist, Simon Helberg moved to London and trained himself hard. He only had a few months of preparation, causing him plenty of concern.

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