You Won’t Believe Simon Helberg Is NOT Robin Williams In This Impersonation


“I really loved Robin Williams for a long time,” said Simon Helberg on Conan. While promoting The Big Bang Theory, the actor got to go back to his roots and did one of his favorite comedic impressions.

“I thought when he was doing all the off-the-wall stuff. And, then I became fascinated with his very serious side,” said Simon Helberg. At this point, he starts to dive into character while chatting with the talk show host.

“He’s always talking about the gift of laughter,” said the Howard Wolowitz actor. The trick to doing a Robin Williams impression is doing several impressions at once.

Watch Simon Helberg Impersonate Al Pacino, Nic Cage…

In many ways, Simon Helberg got his start in comedy by impersonating various celebrities. A few examples include Nicolas Cage, Al Pacino, and Billy Baldwin, which he did on Larry King’s series.

At this point in his career, it would appear that Simon Helberg is getting away from the impressions. During the interview above, it seems like he doesn’t want to them anymore, or perhaps he’s just out of practice.

As an entertainer, he’s been mainly focused on Howard Wolowitz for a decade.

Ten Years As Howard Wolowitz

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

The Big Bang Theory is well into its 11th season and we’ve seen Simon Helberg master the character, Howard Wolowitz. In the beginning, Howard was a man who only wanted to find a girlfriend, but now he’s got a wife and daughter.

From the first seasons, he spent all of his time hunting women in bars. Now, however, he’s focused on being a good dad. With that in mind, the character has grown and become somewhat more challenging for the actor.

Rather than simply delivering joke after joke, the new and improved version of the character is worried about his abilities as a father. Recently, when he discovered the second child was going to be a boy, it meant really diagnosing his childhood and problem he had with his own absent father.

Surprisingly, this even brought Howard and Sheldon a little closer together.

What is your favorite impersonation or character from Simon Helberg?