Sheldon’s Essential Weekly Schedule: Halo Night


The Big Bang Theory boys have a weekly schedule they follow.  Rather, Sheldon has a weekly schedule and the others follow or suffer Sheldon’s whining.  Either way, we find they have a specific night for Chinese food, the comic book store, and Halo night.

Halo Night

Halo night
Howard, Sheldon, Raj, and Leonard playing intense Halo by

Halo night takes place every Wednesday evening with all four of the guys eagerly anticipating their time of male bonding.  Several episodes though have instances where their weekly activity is disrupted.

In Season 1, episode 7 (The Dumpling Paradox) we find Penny’s friend in town.  Howard leaves the guys to go and hang out with Penny’s friend, leaving them one short.  Penny volunteers to step in, despite Sheldon’s objections.  Ultimately, Sheldon’s OCD won over and he conceded to Penny’s participation in order to restore balance.  Penny quickly proved to be very skilled at Halo which upset Sheldon even more. 

In Season 3, Episode 13 (The Bozeman Reaction) Sheldon and Leonard return to their apartment to find that it had been robbed.  All of their laptops, consoles, and games were gone. And yes, this included all of their Halo games.  Not only was this expensive but it seriously disrupted Sheldon’s weekly schedule and we all know, if Sheldon’s not happy, well, you know.

The Beginning of Halo

Halo night
Halo 5 Guardians fight enemies by

Halo originated back in 2001 by Bungie as a military science-fiction game.  The story focuses on Master Chief John and follows him and his crew as they go into battle against an alien race and seek to unlock secrets of the halo rings. The rings hold the secret to defeating the parasite flood.

Originally, the series was a trilogy for Xbox: Halo Combat Evolved, Halo 2, and Halo 3.  The series was so successful that it expanded later to include Halo 4 in 2012.  Next is released Halo 5- Guardians last year in 2015.  As with most games, several other mini expansion packs have also been released throughout the years.

The franchise has sold over 65 million copies and even has expanded to other content including comics and anime.  Fans have also made little comedic movies and videos about the series.