Sheldon Will Finally Reveal Why He Knocks Three Times in Tonight’s Episode

By Miranda Moore | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-18

Yes, you read the title correctly. The hot topic going around about tonight’s episode is that Sheldon will reveal all about his knocking habit. But the knocking issue isn’t the only big deal going around. The other big issue may shock and even upset fans. Spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk!

Tonight’s episode (10/17/16) is called “the Hot Tub Contamination” and is the fifth episode of the tenth season. Here is a brief summary of what is to come:

Sheldon and Amy try to work out their problems created by living together, while Howard and Bernadette take a vacation. Raj and Stuart use their hot tub. Can you just image the hilarity of Raj and Stuart’s storyline?

Now, I’m going to give away some more in depth details. If you don’t want to be spoiled for tonight’s episode, please leave now.

Sheldon and Amy are seen complaining about the bathroom schedule. Sheldon argues that Penny and Leonard like it. They deny it. Sheldon and Amy realize that they need to reach a compromise.


At the comic book store, Howard and Raj are at the register buying comic books from Stuart. Howard says that he and Bernadette are planning a vacation to Palm Springs before the baby arrives.

Back at the apartments, the bickering continues between Penny, Leonard, Sheldon, and Amy. Sheldon says he is male and needs to spread his DNA. Amy says we are sleeping together once a year, how much more spreading do you need? Ouch. Looks like things between Amy and Sheldon are coming to a head.

Howard is reading a baby book while Bernie is throwing up off-scene in the bathroom. She has a definite baby bump now. Howard says the baby book says you should not be getting morning sickness any more. Bernie comes out and is clearly not feeling well. They decide to spend their vacation at home, and to keep it a secret from their friends. Uh-oh.

Next, Penny is seen driving Sheldon in her car. Sheldon complains about how difficult Amy is to live with. Penny questions whether she is more difficult than Sheldon is to live with. Sheldon complains that Amy eyes him like a piece of meat, and Penny says that Leonard often gives her an approving thumbs up. Sheldon says that for once, he would like to be appreciated for his mind.

We rejoin the Wolowitzes as Howard is rubbing Bernie’s feet, and is joking around doing magic tricks. They hear a noise like the door opening, and footsteps. Howard jumps around in a panic, neither has their cell phone in the bedroom Bernadette says she has her iPad. Howard says sure, you can e-mail 9-1-1. Then they hear a bubbling sound. They look out their window and see Stuart relaxing in their hot tub. He does not see them.

That’s it for the spoilers. I don’t want to give too much away. It looks like there might be trouble in paradise for Sheldon and Amy. Will they be able to come up with a solution? Will Howard and Bernadette have Raj and Stuart arrested? Find out tonight!

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