THIS is Why Sheldon Can’t Drive

Sheldon waits in line at the BMV to get his learners permit by

Among many odd traits, Sheldon Cooper has a not-so-secret secret. He cannot operate a car.  Not only can he not, but he does not know how. Our intelligent physicist claims that at the age of 16 he was far too pre-occupied with his work. The clause in the Roommate Agreement states that Leonard has to drive him to places. This indicates that Sheldon never intended to learn to drive. Here’s a little history of Sheldon’s driving track.

Learning How to Drive

Sheldon driving on a simulator in The Euclid Alternative by

In Season 2’s The Euclid Alternative, we get to see Sheldon’s intelligence put to the test. Leonard is on the night shift. And Sheldon is left ride-less after his friends get tired of him. The only option left is to take him to get his license. 

At the licensing bureau, Sheldon bombards the clerk with questions about the permit exam. She gives him his permit to get him to leave her alone.

Upon returning home, Howard builds a driving simulator. On the simulator, Sheldon becomes flustered, runs over people, and crashes. It is at the end of this episode that he announces he is “clearly too evolved for driving.”

Though funny, it caused problems for Penny. She slips in the shower and unfortunately…

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