Sheldon Suggests Something That Makes Penny Angry, But Some Fans Want It To Happen Now


Sheldon Puts His Foot In His Mouth…

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In the second episode of Season 11 of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon is working on his social skills. When he reaches for the last dumpling at dinner, he asks if anyone else would like it.

Amy tells him to offer it to the pregnant lady. Despite the fact that Bernadette is three-months pregnant, Sheldon asks, “And that would be?” Bernadette says she’s obviously pregnant.

The quirky character then reveals that it was never said to his face and the last time he made the assumption, “It did not go over well…”

Penny Gets Upset With Sheldon

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Penny reveals that she’s still mad at Sheldon for assuming she was pregnant. Luckily, this had nothing to do with Sheldon calling Penny fat. Instead, it was because of what she chose to drink.

“You were drinking water instead of wine. What was I supposed to think?” asked Sheldon with all sincerity. Raj then confirms it is never polite to ask a woman if she is pregnant.

Regardless, Bernadette confirms that she is, in fact, pregnant.

Will Penny And Leonard Start Family?

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Ironically, Bernadette’s pregnancy wasn’t a writer’s decision. In real life, actress Melissa Rauch got pregnant so the writer’s doubled-down on Howard and Bernie’s new family. It’s unclear if Penny will be pregnant anytime soon.

Leonard and Penny seem to have a good thing going on, so perhaps they’ll wait to have a baby. If the duo does decide to start a family, it’s possible that Penny’s pregnancy could be the season finale this year.

Most of this new episode revolved around Leonard, Sheldon, and the Physics department, so there wasn’t much new regarding the plot. However, Howard did come to terms with the fact that he’s having two babies and it scared him to death.

In the end, it looks like Leonard is going to be a position to save his job. It’s also clear that Amy is helping Sheldon with social cues. Howard and Bernadette are going to be okay, but poor Raj seems even more lonesome this episode.

What do you think of Sheldon’s assumption about Penny?