Every Fan Is Ecstatic To See Sheldon And Leonard Doing THIS Again, But…


Before Amy and Penny, Sheldon and Leonard were the original carpool kings. Sheldon Cooper didn’t have a driver’s license, so his roommate Leonard always had to drive him around. In the newest episode, the boys are back again.

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Very quickly, however, Leonard realizes why he stopped driving his old friend around. Sheldon Cooper is super annoying in the car. Whether he’s making strange stop requests or screaming like a siren, he’s getting on Leonard’s nerves.

But, Penny comes up with a solution to help Leonard solve this problem.

Sheldon And Leonard Fight In The Car

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When Penny discovers that Bernadette accidentally left over one of her baby books, she decides to give it a read. Surprisingly, she learns that many of the parenting techniques will also work on Sheldon.

First, she acknowledges his problems, hears out his concerns, and then tells him to wash up for dinner. This works in an almost effortless way, making Leonard wonder if she has learned witchcraft.

Later, she uses another technique that makes Sheldon call an Uber rather than a Leonard.

The Penny Formula For Sheldon

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Penny tells Leonard to let Sheldon have ownership of his choices. In parenting, this refers to giving the child two options that are both parent-approved. “Allow him to choose from options that are acceptable to you,” she read.

Leonard texts his friend, using this technique from Penny’s new read. “I can drive you in two hours, or you can take an Uber.” Surprisingly, this technique works after years of the group being unable to deal with Sheldon.

In this respect, Sheldon is still typical Sheldon (needing to go right then and there), but Leonard also gets what he wants (a schedule he can live with). This way, when they do ride together, it won’t be so one-sided.

Aside from the bad times, Leonard has some good times with his friend as well. Despite the fact that they are no longer roommates, Leonard and Sheldon have been the best of friends for a decade now.

Using Penny’s techniques, this friendship could now last a lifetime.

What is the funniest thing you’ve seen Sheldon do in Leonard’s car?