Could You Really Be Friends With Sheldon? Answer THESE 5 Questions First…


Would You Want to be Friends With Sheldon?

Sheldon has his friendship method, and we have ours! by

Sheldon Cooper is special. It is stated at one point that he has a specific list of friends which changes at any given time depending on if they upset him. So what does it take to be Sheldon Cooper’s friend?

Agreement to Outlandish Rules

You cannot sit here. You may not whistle or have any other food but Chinese food on this night of the week. If you are flexible and do not mind brain-numbing routine, then Sheldon might be a good fit for your friend circle.

Sheldon and his friends eat Chinese food on Chinese food night by

Play the Right Game

No, not a video game. I’m talking, of course, about “Words with Friends”. Stephen Hawking was added to the friend list after playing this game with Sheldon because, after all, it is not called “Words with Acquaintances”.

Sheldon plays “Words with Friends” with his new friend Stephen Hawking by

Pass the Test

Yes, Sheldon has a test that you must pass. Make sure you know his favorite element and good luck! If you can pass this test then being his friend may have been surpassed by “obsession” long ago.

How did I do on my test? Based on Sheldon’s look, not so hot! By


At one point, Sheldon’s friends were required to have some degree of intelligence. But Penny was added to his friend circle by necessity. I.E. she attached herself to Sheldon’s other friends and, therefore, was indoctrinated into Sheldon’s friend circle as well.

Penny is friends with Leonard, and by extension Sheldon. By


Men of intelligence should be smart enough to know when someone is trying to flatter them. But Sheldon’s social ineptitude makes him vulnerable to such a strategy. Simply tell him his intelligence and work are unmatched and you have your in!

Alex gets a job as Sheldon’s assistant after complimenting him and his work by

Would you want a friend like Sheldon?