Sheldon Cooper Just Surprised Amy With A Taste Of “Frontier Life”


Over the years, Sheldon Cooper has been one of the more odd characters on television. While most characters are identifiable to mass audiences, his character has been somewhat of an enigma.

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Perhaps the most similar to Spock on Star Trek, Sheldon Cooper is a man who used logic and had trouble dealing with internal or external emotions. When a friend or colleague expressed an opinion, he had a problem with the social normality.

But thanks to Amy Farrah Fowler, Sheldon Cooper is more realistic. Because of her love, he is more relatable.

Sheldon Cooper’s Thoughtful Birthday Surprise

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In the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper shocked fans by being considerate of someone else. Not only has he recently proposed and told Amy she was too important for a city hall wedding, but now he’s even thinking about her birthday.

Before, gift giving was just an obligatory social obligation for Sheldon. He didn’t understand the point of giving someone an item so he could get something in return. Essentially, it seemed pointless because he didn’t understand the care involved.

On Amy’s birthday, he proved that he is finally beyond this quirk.

Going Out With A Bang…

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Sheldon took the time to plan out a very thoughtful birthday for Amy Farrah Fowler. Because of her love for the frontier series, Little House on the Prairie, he designed an authentic experience for them.

The night before her birthday, he prepared “frontier scallops” and even churned some scratch-made butter with an antique butter churn. In the end, things took a turn with the couple got sick, but it’s truly “the thought that counts.”

Since the show will likely be coming to an end in the next two years, it’s rewarding to see Sheldon’s character change for the better. With these small, normal improvements, we now know Amy has the chance for a happy life.

Before, actor Jim Parsons never thought his character would marry. In fact, he said if you had told him the plot points for Season 11 years ago, he would have assumed it was merely a ratings stunt.

Now, it is clear that Sheldon Cooper is in love with Amy Farrah Fowler.

What did you think of Sheldon’s birthday surprise for Amy?