Did Sheldon Really Just Do THAT…? Watch Closely…


“Is he working on our guidance system or not?” asked Howard Wolowitz. In the latest Big Bang Theory, Howard and Leonard discover that Sheldon Cooper has gone behind their backs to land a new job with the military.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“Dr. Cooper contacted us with an idea on how to modify your technology into a communications system and it seemed interesting,” said the military rep. At this point, the boys discover Sheldon Cooper has also announced himself as the official team leader behind their project.

“I like that kind of take-charge attitude,” said the General. Of course, this is only the beginning of the most recent feud in the series.

Sheldon Cooper Starts Another Feud On TBBT

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

In an effort to get back at Sheldon Cooper, Howard and Leonard come up with a better plan to fix the technology, but they need some help. In order to find someone to complete the math, they go to Sheldon’s enemy, Barry Kripke.

By the end of the episode, Barry Kripke decides to steal the technology and present it himself. All of their efforts fall short as the trio realize they were all better off working together.

Hopefully, Sheldon Cooper learned his lesson from this experience. But, it’s unlikely he’s going to stop enraging people anytime soon.

Ego Is The Enemy Of Sheldon Cooper

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Sheldon’s ego often gets in the way of making friends or landing a dream job. In this example, he felt like he could take a project forward without the help of his friends.

In the episode before this one, his ego stepped in the way of him making friends with a geologist at the school. When asked to help with the project, he ended up insulting a man who brought him something interesting.

Sheldon Cooper didn’t want to insult anyone, but it’s almost like it’s in his DNA. Rather than keep his mouth shut and do the work, he denied involvement and eventually upset several of his friends in the process.

While it’s unlikely Sheldon will ever truly change, Amy appears to be helping him get better.

Do you think Sheldon Cooper will ever be considered a thoughtful person?