Sheldon Cooper’s Obsession With ‘Solving Riddles’ Flashes Back To This Sex Affair


“Oh, I do love a riddle!” exclaimed Sheldon Cooper. After Raj arrived at the comic book shop, Howard made it clear that the BFFs were still having a fight. “I’m willing to make up, but someone is being a baby,” said Howard.

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“My first guest would be Halley [Wolowitz], but that would be strange to accuse her of being a baby, bceause she is a baby,” said Sheldon Cooper. “I suppose it could be Stuart. His head does have a certain milky scent.”

Once again, Sheldon is off about this “riddle,” but it’s not the worst guess he’s ever had. That trophy still goes to the Raj-Penny sexcapade.

Sheldon Cooper Asked, “What Does It Look Like?”

“You watch Leonard put up with that guy for years and years,” said Raj Koothrappali. While Leonard and Raj’s sister were hooking up, Raj decided to temporarily move in with Howard.

Raj and Penny decided to have a few drinks and discuss their issues. “You know, if we weren’t friends—and you hadn’t brought up that creep pornography story—I’d be on you like the speed of light squared on matter to make energy,” said Penny.

Cut to Penny and Raj waking up in bed together. When the two were caught the following day, Penny responded, “It’s not what it looks like.” The “riddle” left Sheldon Cooper puzzled for days. Luckily, we found out it wasn’t what it looked like.

Looking For Complexity In A Simple World

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

All in all, it’s not fair to say that Sheldon Cooper is bad at riddles. Instead, he’s simply bad at determining what is a riddle. This all goes back to his need to fit in and his inability to do so.

In many ways, the genius of Sheldon Cooper is submerged in a child-like ignorance of the world. While he can speak several languages, solve complex problems, and create unquestionable logic, he can’t navigate the finer social graces of the world.

In reality, there simply aren’t that many riddles to solve in everyday life.

What do you think of Sheldon and his obsession with riddles?