How Sheldon Cooper Evolved From The Grinch Into A Christmas Lover


Originally, Sheldon Cooper was a bit of a Grinch on The Big Bang Theory. Because his beloved Pop Pop died when he was just a boy, he got angry at Santa Claus for not being able to bring him back.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Despite this tragedy, Sheldon Cooper has had some great moments that have made him appreciate the holiday. In fact, one of his best gifts came from Penny.

Thanks to a chance encounter with Leonard Nimoy, Penny gave Sheldon Cooper the greatest gift of all.

Sheldon Cooper Finds Gifts For Penny

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During “The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis,” Sheldon Cooper is having a problem trying to figure out what to get Penny. Raj and Howard try to help, but Sheldon continues to struggle when they visit the mall.

In the end, he decides to buy several gift baskets that are worth varying amounts. After he opened her gift, he’d have an idea of which basket to give her, based on the value of the gift she gives him.

When she gives him something priceless, he ends up giving her a dozen baskets and still believes it’s not enough.

Amy Farrah Fowler Creates Homemade Gift

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The Leonard Nimoy napkin (possessing the autograph and DNA of Leonard Nimoy) comes up again when Wil Wheaton tells Sheldon he should be in a documentary about Spock.

However, this isn’t the best gift that Sheldon Cooper gets on the show. In Season 8’s “The Clean Room Infiltration,” Amy tops Penny’s gift when she provides him with the sweetest gift of all.

At dinner, Amy gives Sheldon Cooper some homemade cookies that were made from his grandma’s recipe. Sheldon gave her a picture of himself with Santa Claus to return the favor.

It’s good that Sheldon Cooper has these friends to reshape his bad childhood experiences with Christmas. Because Sheldon didn’t believe in religion, his mother couldn’t properly explain why his grandfather didn’t come back.

Thanks to Penny and Amy, he appreciates and understands Christmas.

What is your favorite Big Bang Theory Christmas issue?