Did You Spot The Unusual Gift Sheldon Cooper Gave To Amy?

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-11-07

“You need to sit down and let me pamper you,” said an enthusiastic Sheldon Cooper. Amy, happily confused by the gesture, was glad to be home. In fact, she even got a surprise gift from her soon-to-be-hubby after a long day.

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“I got you a little something to help you relax,” said Sheldon with a smile. Amy then pulled out a $0.50 notebook from the store. Sheldon thought the notes from another project would make her happy.

Then, the sexual innuendos began…

Sheldon Cooper Gives Amy A Gift

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“I thought we could spend the evening grinding away on it,” said Sheldon with a wink. “So how about you and me make some beautiful science together?” he pressed on, leaning back on the couch.

“Sheldon, I want to work on this with you, just not tonight,” said Amy, in a typical couple back-and-fourth. “What if we get up early and do it in the morning? I promise I’ll be way more into it…”

This, of course, isn’t enough for Sheldon Cooper. He feels betrayed and tells her just to go to bed.

Jealousy Doesn’t Fit Sheldon

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At this point, it’s clear that even Sheldon Cooper gets jealous. Sure, he doesn’t seem to think anything is going on with Howard and Amy, but he misses her. Likewise, Raj misses spending time with Howard.

In a way, Howard and Amy’s small project is tearing up the group. This, of course, is because the group needs certain things to function. Regardless, though, it’s just something they’re going to have to deal with.

In the end, we see Raj and Sheldon try to hang out, but Sheldon quickly ruins that. When he turns on a movie, he then tells Raj who he believes the killer to be. That will likely be the last time we see Raj watch a movie with Sheldon.

However, this small hurdle will likely improve Sheldon and Amy’s relationship in the long run. Like the kiss that made him propose, this time away from Amy will also make him appreciate her more when she’s available.

Do you think Amy should borrow Penny’s book to tame Sheldon Cooper?

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