Is Sheldon Cooper Getting Cold Feet About ShAmy Wedding?


During “The Confidence Erosion,” Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler continued to work on their wedding plans. But based on Sheldon’s city hall delay, we’re wondering if he’s actually getting cold feet.

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On the surface, Sheldon Cooper told Amy that he changed his mind and actually wanted a big wedding. Hopefully, this is the first time Sheldon is truly considering someone else, but there’s always a chance he’s got something up his sleeve.

Based on this impromptu delay, Sheldon may be rethinking the big day.

Sheldon Cooper Delayed The Big Day

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At the last minute, Sheldon Cooper told his bride-to-be he wanted to dance on their wedding day. While at city hall, Amy Farrah Fowler seemed happy to be there, but something was also holding her back.

Like Sheldon, Amy also never really thought she would find something that she truly loved. When her character was first introduced, she was simply pleasing her mother by going out on the occasional date.

But with Sheldon Cooper, she is truly in love.

The Best Thing For Dr. Sheldon Cooper

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Hopefully, Sheldon is starting to also feel a true love for Amy. Over the years, we’ve often wondered if his feeling comes from elsewhere. Perhaps he only proposed because he thought he was socially obligated.

In the end, his decision seemed to be pure. If he were only doing things due to obligation, he would have likely gone along with the quick and painless city hall wedding. Instead, he’s going to give Amy everything she wants.

This is the most growth we’ve ever seen from Sheldon Cooper. Not only is he using his logic to consider another person’s feelings, but he’s also making a sacrifice and not being as concerned with everything being his way.

Amy Farrah Fowler truly is the best thing to ever happen to Sheldon. They’ve had some rocky points in their relationship, but so has everyone else in the show.

Do you think Sheldon might even settle for Amy’s cliff-side dream wedding?