Sheldon Cooper Finds Perfect Wedding Date, But…


Sheldon Cooper Picks 80 Save-the-Dates

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS
The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

At the beginning of the newest episode of TBBT, Sheldon Cooper reveals he’s about to send a Save-the-Date. Unfortunately, he hasn’t narrowed it down, so everyone will need to save at least 80 possible dates.

Choosing the date for a wedding can be difficult for anyone, but it’s especially hard for Sheldon Cooper. There are just too many dates that represent other things in his mind.

Later in the episode, he does a formula and does find the perfect date. However, it was back in 1996!

“It Was May 1996,” Said Sheldon

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS
The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Amy comes home from work to find Sheldon Cooper working on a whiteboard. She asks her future hubby what’s wrong and he reveals he’s found the perfect wedding date, but he’s still upset.

“It was May 19, 1996,” said Sheldon with a serious tone. Amy is upset by the news. In the background, its clear Sheldon has crossed off some dates due to affiliations with things like Darwin Day, the day BattleStar Galactica ended, Leonard Nimoy’s birthday, Star Wars Day, and National Train Day, among others.

The only real possibility for the wedding involves a time machine in Sheldon’s mind.

Is This A Young Sheldon Reference?

Young Sheldon | Photo Credit CBS

What’s more interesting about this date is that it’s when Sheldon Cooper was only sixteen, which may relate to the new series, Young Sheldon. Sure, he’s only nine in the show now, but we’ve certainly seen other actors grow up on camera (like Chandler Riggs on The Walking Dead).

These little time machine jokes are funny, but possibly also a shot to fans of the new series, Young Sheldon. We predict there will be lots of future references between these two iconic shows. Episode two of Young Sheldon premieres in a few weeks.

In the end, the stress of choosing a date and making other decisions for the wedding was too much for him. After trying to be more laid back, he ended up coming home and looking homeless.

After the failed attempt to relax, he passed the wedding reigns to his future wife, Amy.

Did you notice the hilarious dates on Sheldon’s chalkboard in the episode?