Sheldon And Amy Just Broke Tradition Over This Superstition, And It’s The Cutest Scene Ever


Sheldon Cooper isn’t a superstitious or religious man. That’s probably why he had no problem seeing Amy’s wedding dress in the most recent episode of The Big Bang Theory. We had no problem with it either- the moment was just too perfect for words.

Sheldon Sees Amy’s Wedding Dress

We couldn’t get over last week’s The Big Bang Theory episode. Sheldon stumbles in from Vegas only to find Amy’s wedding dress before him. Of course, most grooms would go running for the door, feeling superstitious about it being bad luck to see the dress before the big day. However, instead of an embarrassing or upsetting moment, the writers managed to create one of the cutest Sheldon and Amy moments of all time.

The Way Sheldon Looks at Amy

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We will probably never get over that smiley look that comes across Sheldon’s face when he looks at Amy. Despite others (hello Penny and Bernadette) thinking the dress looks like a shiny mess, Sheldon thinks it’s perfect. He loves seeing his girl as a bride, and who can blame him?

The best line from the whole thing? Sheldon saying, “You look like a pile of swans.” And she really does. The dress is layer upon layer of outrageous silk, tulle, and frills. However, it’s what Amy wants, and if it’s what Amy wants, it’s what Sheldon wants to.

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