The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon writers must have been in cahoots this week. Both the Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon season finales confirmed that Sheldon and Amy will have kids. Of course, Young Sheldon‘s proclamation was less subtle than Big Bang‘s. Here’s how we know there will be tiny little Coopers running around.

The Big Bang Theory Foreshadowed

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This past week we watched the Big Bang Theory season finale in eager anticipation. We had been promised a fantastic wedding episode. We wanted to see how Mark Hamill fit into the equation, we wanted to make sure Amy got down the aisle, and we wanted to meet a grown-up Georgie. However, we weren’t expecting to be told Sheldon and Amy will have kids.

While Sheldon and Amy are preparing for the wedding, fans were given the tiniest, but happiest bit of foreshadowing. Sheldon was busy practicing his bow tie knot. Amy pointed out that sometimes a little asymmetry is part of the beauty of things. It’s a concept that comes from the Renaissance. That’s when Sheldon said it; “The Renaissance? Amy you know I”m more of an enlightenment person, at some point we have to decide how we want to raise the children.”

This was one of the very first times we’ve heard Sheldon talk about having kids with Amy. He’s never outright said he doesn’t want children but many fans have assumed he’d be against such an idea. After all, Sheldon doesn’t have the most “fatherly” approach to life. However, we couldn’t help but cheer in anticipation at the thought of little mini-Sheldon and Amy’s running around. What’s even better is that this isn’t the only hint at kids that happened in the episode.

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