The ‘Shamy’ Town Hall Scene Is Identical To THIS Famous TV Show Wedding


During Season 11, the cast of The Big Bang Theory has been going back and forth on how Sheldon and Amy will get married. In the most recent episode, their near town hall wedding reminds us of another famous television city hall wedding.

“The smaller the better,” said Diane to Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation. During Ron’s proposal in his office, the carefree couple decides to simply go upstairs and get married. This nearly gives Leslie Knope a heart attack, but the quick scene is sweet and sentimental.

Luckily, Sheldon and Amy decided to do a more grandiose wedding.

Sheldon And Amy Almost Get Married At Town Hall

Sheldon and Amy
The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“Are you sad we’re not having a big party?” asked Sheldon Cooper While sitting at the courthouse, the brilliant couple discussed their wedding. Eventually, Sheldon decided that he wanted to show off his bride.

“Wait, I want to have a first dance with you,” exclaimed Sheldon. In his logical mind, the quick wedding simply wasn’t enough. Instead, he wanted to show off his bride in front of everyone.

“…At our wedding,” he added.

“I Wasn’t Even Looking For You…”

Sheldon and Amy
The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

While Sheldon’s next description focuses too much on dark matter, it’s one of the sweetest scenes we’ve ever seen. “Unlike dark matter, I wasn’t even looking for you,” he said.

Like Sheldon’s proposal, this was another point of recognition for the physicist. While sitting in the government building, he decided that the fact that he found Amy was somewhat of a miracle and actually quite the accomplishment.

Given the fact that Sheldon never thought he would get married (and neither did his mother), it is quite astonishing. This is parallel to his decision to propose because he kissed another woman and knew he only wanted Amy for the rest of his life.

In an effort to prove his love for Amy, he gave her the greatest gift of all. Not only did he prove that he loved her, but he proved that he is willing to change for her.

What did you think of Sheldon Cooper in this sweet scene?