Amy And Sheldon Must Make THIS Ultimate Wedding Decision


“I arrive in a Little House on the Prairy-style horse-drawn buggy,” began Amy Farrah Fowler. “Where you are met with an honor guard of storm troopers,” added Sheldon Cooper.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Soon, the couple realized that their dual plans are beginning to clash. In an effort to fix this, Amy acknowledges the clash. Sheldon believes that they should just do things his way rather than half his way.

“It’s not what I’m thinking…” said Amy. “It will never be what I’m thinking…” This was only the beginning of the fight. 

Sheldon Cooper, Genius Wedding Planner

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Before this first fight, the details of the hypothetical wedding were hilarious. With a randomizer device, Sheldon spun a wheel to decide which of the two would make the choice on each individual decision.

Amy got invitations, where Sheldon got date cards. Rather than using Sheldon’s suggestion of a “hologram, projected out of R2D2,” Amy decided to use “Old English calligraphy on Egyptian papyrus.”

Then, when Sheldon got to spin, he was happy to know R2D2 is still available to be the hypothetical ring bearer.

Little House On The… Star Wars

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Eventually, Amy’s Little House on the Prairie ideas start to fight against Sheldon Cooper’s Star Wars and Star Trek ideas. Despite their genius idea to use the randomizer, they still fought over the wedding.

Soon, this led the duo to make a big decision about the wedding. In an effort to fix their problem, Sheldon suggested they simply go down to the courthouse the following day and get married.

At town hall, however, Sheldon got another idea. “When you make a discovery like this [relationship], you don’t just take it down to city hall. You tell it to the whole world,” he added.

In Sheldon Cooper’s greatest compliment, he told his fiancé the truth about how he felt. Like Sheldon Cooper’s mother recently said, we’re all surprised to see Sheldon getting married to anyone.

However they get married, we’re looking forward to seeing Amy and Sheldon tie the knot very soon.

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