Season 11 Rumors: Truth or Bazinga?

The crew all gathered in Leonard’s apartment for Chinese night by

As we approach the mid-season finale, The Big Bang Theory fans are on edge.  Many rumors have been flying around about the future of the show.  And many of the rumors contradict one another.  How to sort fact from fiction? Well, I can’t help you there as it is impossible to say until CBS announces the direction of the show.  But here are the latest rumors about Season 11!

Rumor Number 1: The Show Must go on!

Many sources on the internet kept asserting there would be no season 11!  But the latest says that, yes, there will be.  And the good news is that every star has signed on for the eleventh season.  All of them, that is, except Jim Parsons. 

Parsons is in the middle of producing several other shows as well as the prequel to The Big Bang Theory.  However, the rumor right now is that he has not signed for the next season.  It is unclear whether or not he intends to do so.  But what would this mean for the show?  Would Sheldon be mysteriously absent from the next season?  Or would they try and replace him with a new character?  I am not sure that The Big Bang Theory would be the same without its essential component.

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