RIDICULOUSLY HARD Big Bang Theory Trivia Questions Only True Fans Will Get Right…


Big Bang Theory Trivia

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With ten seasons under its belt, TBBT has quite a plot lines, characters, and episodes to remember. Only true fans can remember everything that’s gone down for this nerdy gang. Can you answer these Big Bang Theory Trivia questions?

Season 1

In the first season of TBBT we were introduced to the many characters and their lives. We met Penny as she moved in across the street from Leonard and Sheldon. This was back when Raj still suffered from selective mutism, and Howard was peacocking all of the place to get a girl. Penny and Sheldon could hardly stand each other, but she was quickly teaching him the art of sarcasm and whit. Do you remember these five tidbits of TBBT trivia?

1. Where were Leonard and Sheldon before meeting Penny?

2. What three factors helped Sheldon select his spot on the couch?

3. Who is the new physics department head that fires Sheldon in The Luminous Fish Effect?

4. What is the name of the girl Raj goes on a date with a discovers he can speak to with alcohol in his system?

5. Leonard accidentally buys a prop from what movie?

Check your answers here…

1. The sperm bank

2. Temperature, air currents, TV views

3. Eric Gabelhauser

4. Lalita

5. The Time Machine

Season 2

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In season 2 we dove deeper into the cast’s relationships, backgrounds, and work lives. Sheldon and Penny were still foes but managed to keep things cordial as Penny and Leonard begin to see each other romantically. Sheldon is first understanding the necessity for human friendships, and the men end the season with an expedition to the North Pole. Can you answer these five, season 2, trivia questions?

1. Raj is featured in what Celebrity Gossip Magazine, after discovering a trans-Neptunian planetoid.

2. Why was Penny banished from Sheldon’s apartment in The Party Pinata Polarization

3. Why does Sheldon create the friendship algorithm?

4. In Season 2 Penny starts her own business. What is it called?

5. Why did Sheldon go to the North Pole?

Check your answers here…

1. People Magazine

2. Penny sat in Sheldon’s spot and ate his onion rings.

3. Sheldon wants to access a computer in Kripke’s office and needs to befriend him.

4. Penny Blossoms

5. To look for evidence of slow moving monopoles

Season 3

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Season 3 grew the audience of The Big Bang Theory tremendously. 15 million people watched each week to see what The Big Bang Theory gang would do next. The women of TBBT were also introduced this season. Bernadette and Howard were set up on a blind date, and then Amy and Sheldon found each other through an online dating website. Do you remember these remote facts from Season 3 of TBBT?

1. What is the name of the premiere episode of Season 3?

2. What meteor shower are Leonard Howard and Raj camping to see?

3. What is the name of Bernadette’s first episode on TBBT?

4. What do Bernadette and Howard first bond over on their first date?

5. What is the name of the magical card game the boys enjoy playing.

Check your answers below…

1. The Can Opener Fluctuation

2. The Leonid Meteor Shower

3. The Creepy Candy Coated Corollary

4. Their disdain for their overbearing mothers

5. Mystic Warlords of Ka’a

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