Flashback: Do You Remember These Ridiculous The Big Bang Theory Season 4 Moments?


Season 4 of The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory Season 4 was a turning point for the series. The actors, writers, and crew all started to get quite a bit of recognition for their work. It was this season that followed Jim Parsons winning his first Emmy. The entire production really stepped up its game, and it made for great television. Do you remember these ridiculous season 4 moments?

The Robotic Maniuplation

In the premiere of season 4, Sheldon decides he would like to impregnate Amy. Of course, Penny (the sensible one) suggests he take her out on a date first. The craziest part? Penny drives them, and tries to break the ice. This is when we first get to know Amy. Her answers are short and to the point, and she immediately became one of our favorite characters. She and Sheldon immediately agreed that uncomfortable silence is the best way to go, and we knew they were meant for each other.

The Zazzy Substitution

After hitting it off initially, Sheldon and Amy break up due to conflicting job views. Sheldon takes it pretty hard, and decides to buy a cat to keep him company. He names it Dr. Robert Oppenheimer, fittingly. He then decides Robert is lonely, and proceeds to buy five more cats. He names them all after various scientists. All but one- Zazzles, because he’s so Zazzy. Sheldon can’t handle his emotions about Amy. We feel bad about that, but we really love all the cats running around. The best part? Mary Cooper gets called in to help. Hilariousness ensues.

The 21-Second Excitation

In The Big Bang Theory Season 4, the girls have their first slumber party. Watching Amy learn all about being a girly girl is quite entertaining. She doesn’t quite understand the concept of truth or dare, and begins quizzing her friends. This is also the episode where Penny gives Amy a manicure for the first time. Amy even decides to experiment with lesbianism, because the internet tells her that is a common slumber party ritual. Throwing it back to this episode reminds us just how much Amy has grown as a character. These days she’s hosting her own girls’ nights.

The Thespian Catalyst

Sheldon finds himself in a teaching position, and doesn’t receive the best reviews. It’s suggested that he take acting lessons from Penny, and of course it’s brilliant comedy. He studies up for their first lesson and is quite the eager student. However, he has a problem with the warm up movement exercises. The best part? Penny improvises a shoe store scene, but Sheldon orders a frozen yogurt in an attempt to be more “spontaneous.” Penny and Sheldon have always had a great dynamic; This scene is no exception.

Do you remember these scenes from The Big Bang Theory Sesaon 4? What’s your favorite?

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