Fan Shocked That THIS Happened Between Raj And Howard


“It’s not all Howard’s fault. If Raj doesn’t want to be made fun of, then…” began Penny. “Hmm, I don’t know a nice way to finish this sentence.” During the Howard-Raj debate, it’s clear that Leonard and Penny also have “couple” problems.

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In the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory, Raj believes that Howard’s constant insults are why he has no confidence. Likewise, Leonard also starts to question his current relationship with Penny.

Later, Penny tries to be nice, but it’s not really her style.

Leonard And Penny Try Something New

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“I felt bad about being mean to you so I’m being nice,” said Penny. When Leonard told his way to try again, he had to admit, “Nope, still weird.” After an array of compliments, Leonard might actually prefer the insults.

Lots of relationships can fall into this dilemma. Since Penny grew up tough and popular, she got used to making fun of her friends. Because Leonard grew up being ridiculed by his mother, he’s used to getting made fun of.

Either way, it would likely improve their relationship to have a few more compliments.

Rebuilding A Dying Friendship

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

For Raj Koothrappali and Howard Wolowitz, things are more complicated. Since Leonard and Penny are married, there isn’t anything that could ruin their relationship.

Raj and Howard are going to have to completely rebuild their foundation in order to save their friendship. Currently, it would appear that Raj is much better off alone than with his friend who provides “negative energy.”

At the end of the episode, Raj has landed a new job, improved his horrid wardrobe, and even been asked out by a beautiful young woman. But in the background, Howard sat in the dark and watched his former friend.

In order to fix things, Howard is going to have to put in the work. Based on a clip from the next episode, it looks like the two are going to fight in a bounce house. Either way, we’re hoping to see this friendship new and improved.

Do you think Howard will convince Raj to rethink their friendship?